Wood Effect: Sublimation  checked (2)

The aluminum finish by sublimation offers more than 70 different finishes in wood, smooth and textured with excellent durability.

Processes of the wood effect in sublimation

  1. Lacquered

The first step of the process is lacquering veneers to give them a base of color. This base of powder paint will have the right tone to imitate the type of wood desired and following the usual quality parameters and controls


  1. Sublimation

The type of film is then plasticized with the desired effect as its structure, smooth as well as textured. Once this process is carried out, the sheets are introduced in an oven that is at a temperature between 190 and 220ºC. This is where the effect of sublimation on aluminum occurs, with the film ink passing in the solid state to the gaseous state. After a few minutes, the coloration transfers to the sheet.

Various effects at your disposal checked (2)

Embero Claro


Roble Americano

Pino Marrón

Nogal Oscuro


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