The workforce and its safety make us different. tool

Aluminios Andalucía conveys the commitment to ensure the safety in all the industrial activities, as well as to provide the necessary means to fulfill this.

The risks prevention and the safety are main values to Aluminios Andalucía.

The risks preventions and the safety are also the basic pillars for Aluminios Andalucía, and based on this, we have own department of Prevention for labor risks, that is exclusively dedicated to the safety and prevention. Regularly we realize our own follow-up and inspections on the fulfillment of the above.

In this way, we have accomplished to reduce the accident rates with more tan 90% the last two years. Our goal is to make the safety a way of life both inside and outside work, as the people, their values and their integrity are the basis of our success.

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The outcome of our compromise to offer the clients finishes and materials of high quality and to be consciuos of the importance of the preservation of the environment, is to establish the present Quality and environment policy, that makes public the desire and commitment of the Company to contribute to a continous improvement in all aspects of the work, both at present as for the future.

The fundamental principals of Aluminios Andalucía are:

  • The integrity of all departments of the company, that is, to achieve the active participation of the entire personal with the fundamental idea that the quality and the environment aren´t issues of a few; it´s everyone´s and everyone builts or destroys it
  • The commitment to comply with the legal requierements required by the Administration as well as other requierements of the clients, interested parties or Quality institutions.
  • The commitment to improve continually the effectiveness of the environmental management system, and to prevent pollution.
  • Providing a landmark of reference to establish and check the proposed goals and targets.
  • Providing training and motivation of the personal in all disciplines.
  • Looking for techniques and methods of valorization of waste produced by the company that decreases its impact on the environment.
  • Decreasing the consumption of natural resources in our fabrication processes, in a possible and viable way.
  • Minimizing the environmental economic costs.
  • Securing a growth in the sustainable development.


C/Fabero, 10
Pol. Ind. Cobo Calleja
28947, Fuenlabrada, España
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