One of our main principles that support our products


The care and respect of the Environment are one of our priorites.

This is why we implement in the entire production process the most adequate methods in order to assure:

    • Minimum possible impact on the environment
    • Control of all environmental aspects.
    • Compliance with the exitsing legislation
    • Improvement of the engergy efficiency
    • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Reduction of waste disposal. Moreover, our production processes use the technology less polluting. An example is in the conversión phase of the aluminium and Steel, in rinsing process, we use products free of chrome and lead.

One of our main pillars that support our products

The quality of our products and the control of the process, support the position as leader of surface treatment in various markets, both nationally as internationally.

“We look for the excellence of our products based on the requierements of the quality marks, “Qualanod, ECCA and the fulfillment of our quality objectives”.

In Aluminios Andalucía we always strive to improve the environmental sustainability.

The quality is guaranteed not only due to our processes and the work of our Quality department, but also due to we follow the most prestigious International labels.

We believe in a continous improvement

Aluminios Andalucía always seek to involve very cualified personal for our processes to improve by incorporating profesional of various sectors that have experience in quality improvements, as are the automotive, design and architectural sectors


Our R&D department constantly works on improving our products and the advancement of new materials of last generation, which is posible thanks to our own advanced technology. We value preriodically our mill finish, the effectiveness of our production process and the performance of our machinery in order to obtain a máximum efficiency and quality in our services and products.

In Aluminios Andalucía, we always strive to improve the environmental sustainability.

REACH: No substance listed in the XIV Reach appendix is present in our production and in our purchases.

ROHS: No listed substance is present in our production.
No lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybromobiphényles (PBB), polybromodiphénythers (PBDE)

Declaration of RoHS compliance

Declaration of compliance with REACH


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